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I stuck😵‍💫? What to do?

I stuck😵‍💫? What to do?

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Utsav bhattarai
·Aug 29, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Intro
  • When I get stuck What I do🤔?
  • Conclusion


What a wonderful evening, sitting in comfortable chair Infront of desk and just coding some tech stuff. Suddenly, My brain got stuck and becomes blank neither I can think nor react. That's a situation sometimes every immersing developer suffer a lot but It will become normal after a huge brainstorming😵‍💫.

Let me drop a few quick tips that’ll eventually help you to stop wasting your days by surrendering yourself to your overwhelming feelings.

When I get stuck What I do🤔?


Console it


I am not saying to console the problem in console. Its meaning is to step back of the problem and analyze it from the root and figure out what actually a problem was of. Sometimes figuring the problem may solved the root of problem.

How do you figure out what the problem is?

In the programming, The problem that you faced is already been faced by another developer. That's why Scraping the problem in relevant platform helps you to solve the problem. The Relevant platform are:

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  • Google : Googling is one of the most important skills to have as a developer. Because Google has everything you are looking for. The trick is finding exactly what you’re looking for quickly and the best way is by being concise and searching using exact keywords.

  • Asking question on Stack overflow, Quora or discussion forum : The platform like Stack overflow, Quora are built to discuss the problem and solve it. So Asking question on this platform definitely free you from stucking.

  • *Asking question with your coding buddy" : Friends are the problem solver in each and every situation. In the context of programming, Where problems, bug and error are daily life routine. Communicating and collaborating with your coding buddy helps you to solve the problem.

  • Reading Blog : Blog are the main source of learning which helps us to understand specific topic and gives a generic idea about the error which may come in future or It helps to solve the problem.

  • YouTube Tutorial : YouTube tutorial is the last option to solve the programming problem because everyone avoid the tutorial hell. You just need to dig down deeper in the rabbit hole. Search with the right keyword you’ll get the right tutorial which solved your problem easily.

When nothing works for you?

Take a deep breath, Take a coffee, Take a rest of 1 day and enjoy the 1 day what you like most and By doing this your mind will be rebooted with the new energy which helps to solved the problem easily.


As a developer, I usually get stuck and spend days and nights solving it. But After solving it it's adrenaline hits different🤩. Solving problem is sometime frustrating but It enhance our capability, check our passion level and passes problem of problems which we should solved by grinding day and night. At last , That's instance of time where we finally solved the problem gives goosebumps and unlocked the next hard level of problem which we will solved in future.

Problem are golden key to success (As I reminded you the schools day just for fun🤣 ). Problem solving skills helps you to develop cognitive abilities and gain experience with a certain technology.

Thanks for reading🔥

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