Difficulties when Web developer dive into Mobile app 

Difficulties when Web developer dive into Mobile app development😓

When Web developer's dive in the ocean🌊 of Mobile app development, Developer will get difficult to swim on it. Likewise, Many errors and bug will be emersed which are difficult to be solved because We aren't familiar with them.

Its been 3 months when I enters in the field of Mobile App development. At first, Many difficulties came out which were solved by grinding Day and Night. When one error was solved, Another error seems to be occurred which gives the nightmare. After jumping down and up through the error, I was little bit familiar with it. Going through it, Grinding must be consistent because In the huge ocean🌊 of app development, Error may drown us.

So, Let's get rolled out with Difficulties and some simple tips to get rid out of it🙂.

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1. Difficult in choosing the language or framework for App Development.

As a Developer, Switching to new technology is quiet difficult and interesting. It's become more hard to choose programming language or framework to develop the app. Many developer follow the world's trend to choose it, Due to which They get problem because Choosing the familiar language is more better option than choosing the new one.

✅ Tips: Always choose the familiar language or framework to enjoy the dive of new technology. For Example: If you are of Js(JavaScript) background developer, It's better to choose React native as your framework to develop the app!

2. Difficult in Setting up the environment for App development

When a web developer shift to the app development, Setting up the environment is one of the headache. They are familiar with the web browser as the running station for web application but In this field, All things roll out in different way. We need to setup different SDK or packages and Virtual device as the running station for mobile app development. One of the most popular IDE called as Android studio is used by most of the app developer which is for high end devices So There is a lot of difficulties to use in midrange devices due to which many developer suffer problem from it.

✅ Tips: If you have low end device, try to use real mobile devices to run your app. and use low specification IDE.

3. Problem in development of app in different Platform

There are most popular and used platform where mobile app are run. They are: Android and IOS. So, When a developer develop a app, They need to write different code for Android and IOS which is difficult for a web developer as well as If one features work on Android, It might work on IOS.

✅ Tips: Try to choose cross-platform framework to develop the mobile app. For example, React native and Flutter are the cross-platform framework due to which developer needs to write single code which is converted according to platform.

4. Problem in Deployment of app

When a developer develop a app passing through the obstacle they need App distributing platform to share their app to the general public. The user try to download the app from authenticate platform due to which Developer need to publish their in popular and authenticate platform. They are: Google play store and Apple store. As they are popular, They needs certain subscription fees to deploy our app and We need to pass from different security system. That's why, It is the serious problem which may faced by new app developer.

✅ Tips: It is better to use Google play store as the distributing platform because It takes one time payment and It is user friendly.


Going through it, Problem are in each and every field. So, It is depend upon us How we faced it. As a developer, Error and Bugs are part of our Life. So It is not a big deal for us. In a ocean of app development, Many error waves🌊 may hit or try to drown us but surfing and enjoying on it is the best achievement. So, Be Calm and Just enjoy the new taste of new technology.

Thanks for Reading❤️ Keep surfing on the error waves🔥